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Becoming a Work of Art


Linking our Humanity.

Becoming a Work of Art.

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Kev MK

As a rather controlling child, I was constantly persuading my younger siblings into helping me achieve these far-off ideas of building tree-houses high above the forest floor, or crafting a go-cart from the lumber of an old building I helped my grandfather tear down, or convincing them to participate in a game I created in which the currency was future favors that I would surely not forget. These memories remind me of the unhindered creativity that once flowed through my mind.

Majoring in Environmental Engineering with minors in both Physics and Mathematics, my collegiate experience was linear and clearly defined; quite different than my wandering childhood. I was ingrained to think a certain way and answer questions with what was listed under “Key” in the textbook rather than critically evaluate the scenarios. My creativity was wasting away into an abyss of numbers and symbols.

In the early Fall of 2017, I moved to Denver, Co and I was welcomed with healing warmth of the sun, the deep blue of the sky that was so close I could reach out and touch it, but most importantly a spark of creative resting between my palms; a camera.

My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to connect the humanity to the story, intertwined like the DNA to the greater creative community. I want to show to the world the rich existence that consumes us which forces all of us to find commonality in the most minute details.





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