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Let Me Introduce Rocky Burning

Then later that year in June, I reconsidered Rocky’s interest in my firm and decided to take him on as my second musician. Around this time, Rocky was also testing the waters of stand-up comedy. This two-part act highly intrigued me and I quickly offered him a contract. Rocky’s creative mind fueled my want of constant content creation. We immediately began work on reworking his brand as an entertainer. Our first job, we wanted to create a cover for the release of his new single, Champagne Ocean Child.

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Creative Management // Volume 3

So there it was, with my first paid shoot under my belt I felt invincible. I eagerly jumped back onto Model Mayhem and began searching for more models to set up photoshoots with. Interestingly, I found that the modeling industry was profoundly disproportionately female. I will admit, this did not come as a great surprise to me as we all know the saying Sex Sells.

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Creative Management // Volume 2

Yes, its true. Now there are few more details that help to paint the picture. Denver resides in Mountain Time; my girlfriend (the only other person I would bother about this news) lived in California, which is one hour behind. So at 6:00am, it was only 5:00am for her… I’m not a complete monster. My mother was on the east coast where it was two hours ahead of me, so she was certainly awake. Panting and stuttering quite rapidly, I eventually forced out a dramatic, “I got published in a magazine!!” As most mothers, she was elated at my success and covered me in congratulatory praise.

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Creative Management // Volume 1

August of 2017, that’s where our story begins. I had moved across the country from a small town in Pennsylvania to, unknowingly, an even smaller town in Northern California. To this point in my life, it was one of the biggest decisions I ever had to make. I had a “stable” job (there was some downsizing but I later found out, after I gave my resignation letter, that I was one of the few that was staying on board) working for General Electric (GE) in their transportation branch. I’ve always had a mind for the sciences; I found comfort in that logical reasoning and development that mathematics brought. Spending four years of my life at college earning an engineering degree, one would think that would be a career commitment… at the time, so did I.

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